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Children and teenagers are not easily diagnosed with OCD and unfortunately it seems to go unnoticed.

Current research is beginning to shed light on the development of OCD, and it seems that it may have it’s onset slightly earlier than previously speculated. This does not mean that parents should be concerned, it means that we are becoming better at detecting, diagnosing and treating OCD earlier, so that it does not become a problem or difficulty fir a person later in life.

Also although OCD does have a strong genetic component or predisposition, it does not mean that if a parent has OCD or other anxiety difficulty their child will definitely develop it. It seems that many individuals also need certain circumstances in order for OCD to develop. We are not yet fully aware if exactly what all these circumstances are yet, but many include early life trauma, stress and or fear learning or modeling.

If you suspect your child may be suffering from OCD, there are a lot of really good resources. These can be found at



There are a number of Apps that I have found particularly useful in helping my clients manage OCD, carry out exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP) and ultinately reduce the symptoms of OCD.

Many of these Apps are unfortunately only available at the moment to iphone, ipad users.

OCD ManagerĀ 

OCD Manager is a fantastic App that has some very important basic information to help you develop the right attitude and approach in managing and treating your OCD. It allows you to set exposure challenges and reminders on when to engage in a particular exposure challenge. The app also has an integrated OCD coach, where mindfulness and acceptance exercises are built in (in a procedure called ARC). This is probably one of the most useful OCD apps available. If you cannot afford individual CBT and ERP for your OCD, this can certainly help you. Even if you do have a therapist, this will provide you with great structure and tools to keep you working on and developing your skills in managing OCD and the associated anxiety.

iCounsellor OCD

This App has a sliding thermometer or rating scale to evaluate the difficulty of resisting obsessions and giving into compulsions. When you are about to give in, the app provides a number of skills and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques to help you manage through a response prevention.

TD Pro

This is a fantastic App that can help you in doing good Cognitive Therapy, in the process of cognitive restructuring. It is a step by step process of looking at your situation, cognitive (thought) triggers, emotions and behaviorally responses and then identifying thinking errors and eventually changing your thinking. It is a great way to keep on practicing cognitive challenges and restructuring. Also highly recommended for anyone managing their OCD or any other anxiety condition or depression.


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